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We FIX has repair centres in Dorset and Essex and together have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to solve most IT related problems. We know how important your laptop is to you so we aim to get your faulty laptop repaired as soon as possible.

Our Bournemouth Repair centre offer free quotes on laptop fault repair

We FIX Bournemouth

Display Faults - cracked display, broken LCD, no backlight, dull display, lines on screen, no display,

Operating System Faults – Laptop will not start up, stuck on windows logo, no ntldr error, laptop running slow, computer virus, laptop virus,

Internet faults – cannot browse internet, cannot get on Google, will not connect to the internet,

Hard Drive faults – computer not booting up, disc missing, boot disc not found, drive corrupted,

Power faults – No charging, loose dc socket, not holding charge, loose mains socket, charger not working,

Virus Faults – Virus infections, malware infections, Install anti virus and anti malware

General health check service - Let us keep your laptop running in tip top condition with our laptop maintenance programme

Data Recovery – accidently deleted an important file? We can recover most deleted files from your system. Call us immediately

We Fix Bournemouth.

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